The Challenge

How it works

Sign-up (super easy), pack your kit (fun and easy), go without (not so easy!) and raise money for people doing it tough.

Get Prepared

Pack your Emergency Kit with everything you need for challenge week

Raise Money

Ask your friends, family and colleagues to support you with a donation

Take the Challenge

From 21 – 27 September go without everyday essentials

Change Lives

The money you raise will help people across Australia and the Asia-Pacific when times get tough.


Registrations have now closed, but you can still donate.

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Pack Your Kit

Pack your emergency kit with everything you need to get through a week without life’s everyday essentials.

It’s a good idea to include a combination of practical items, such as food, a torch, batteries and chargers, and essential documents, along with some sentimental items you wouldn’t want to lose or are irreplaceable, such as photos, jewelry or a journal. Still, stuck for ideas? Check out our suggestions.

Make sure to take a photo and share your story using #GoWithoutChallenge

Go Without

The Go Without Challenge kicks off on Monday 21 September. We’ll be in touch via email and text in the lead-up to make sure you’re on track and ready to go.

There are five essentials you’ll be going without over the week:

Challenge 1

Only spend $200 for the week

Challenge 2

Drink only water

Challenge 3

Switch the lights off

Challenge 4

Eat only from your pantry

Challenge 5

No hot showers today

Each day of the week you’ll receive a text letting you know which essential you have to go without, starting with giving up your credit cards and living off just cash (we recommend $200 for an adult across the week, but if you need to adjust based on personal circumstances go ahead). These accumulate across the week, and by the end you’ll be going without all five.

You can earn a rest day during the week and take a break from going without by donating at least $20 to your own fundraising page. You are able to choose one day during challenge week when you don’t have to do the challenges.

Keep your supporters updated on your fundraising page and on social media using #GoWithoutChallenge

Raise Money

When you sign-up you’ll get a personal fundraising page that your supporters can make an online donation to – reach out to family, friends and colleagues and ask them for their support.

Set a goal, share on social media and raise as much as you can (here’s a hint: get a mate to take the challenge with you and see who can raise the most!).

All the money you raise helps Red Cross continue to support communities in Australia and the Asia-Pacific when times get tough.

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