McMinn Family

Go Without Challenge


After seeing the devastation of the bushfires this year it really brought home how important it is to be prepared for any kind of emergency.

This year we are taking the challenge to be prepared for a week of living as we would if in a disaster

Eva and Kaia are excited to be involved, ready having some fun and also to learn a little about what it takes to be ready for an unexpected event.

Also, this is for a great cause, so please support us!

My Updates

First item in the box!

Wednesday 2nd Sep

Starting to pack the essentials

Wednesday 2nd Sep

My Supporters


Anne And Doug Whittaker

Good luck McMinn family


Tim Mcminn

Glad to support family down under and the phenomenal work of the Red Cross.


Lyndal Whittaker

Goodluck with the challenge


Pauline Mcminn


Nick Ower

good luck!


Karma Clarke

Good luck!



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