Go Without Challenge

If the last year has proven anything it’s that our communities are strong and resilient . It’s also proven that it’s vital to be prepared for what ever life throws at us .

One in three Australians will face a disaster or major emergency in their lives.
I am taking part in the Go Without Challenge and will be going without five essentials that people don’t have access to in a disaster.

Will you sponsor me? I’m fundraising for many people across Australia and the Asia-Pacific going through tough times – from those dealing with social isolation, to newly arrived refugee families seeking safety and communities recovering from a difficult last year. Thank you for your support!

My Updates

Last day !

Sunday 27th Sep

So far I’ve gone with out 
💧 all drinks other than water all week long
🚿 No Hot water for a shower 
🥘 only eating from my pantry all week long 
💡 only using candles or torches all week long 
💵 sticking to a budget of $200 for the week So far friends , family and I have donated
$795 this is a wonderful amount and I’m so thankful to everyone that has been following and supporting me , the time to push is now to get to my goal amount of $1000 . Please donate today to show your support and help this cause.  its the last day ! 

Day two done and dusted

Tuesday 22nd Sep
Day two of the  #GoWithoutChallenge is almost over and I’d say I’ve done well it’s been fun but I can see already this week is going to have its challenges !!  I’ll tell you cooking in the dark was a experience lucky it was a easy meal . Dinner by candle light 


Tuesday 22nd Sep

We have a new goal $1000!

Saturday 19th Sep
Photo:my biggest supporter , my mother 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥My mother will always be my biggest supporter if you can’t half tell by her donation, I thank her so much ! all the support from my loved ones has overwhelmed me my goal was originally $500 and with this donation we have achieved that and more . You all know I wanted to smash that goal out of the park so in honer of my mother Debra Richards I have bumped up my goal to $1000. Please follow my mother in donating today , any amount helps us reach our new goal #madzgoeswithout #GoWithoutChallenge Mum , I hope to always do you proud and I strive to be even half the woman you are , I love you always your maddy girl xx 🥰

My biggest donation yet !!

Tuesday 15th Sep


I would like to thank Joanna Lark Gooding personally on this massive donation , thank you for the support .you have brought me so much closer to my goal thank you so so much Now I’m almost half way there to achieve this


My friends giving me hope

Tuesday 15th Sep
Please help and donate today ! Sponsor me in this challenge! 
#madzgoeswithout #GoWithoutChallenge
A big thank you to my friend for donating $30 to this cause and bringing me up and over the $100 mark, it’s acts of kindness like this that will change peoples lives forever . Thank you sir!

I was having a hard week and it was this donation that gave me some spark back to smash this challenge out of the park . 

One step closer

Thursday 3rd Sep
Thanks to one of my older brothers today I reached the $75 mark , I wasn’t expecting a $50 donation at all and it really gave me so much more motivation to do this challenge . Bringing me one step closer to the $100 mark and soon to be $500 goal amount . Please help me today like casody has , if you can’t join me please donate any amount helps it all adds up 

My first sponsor!

Thursday 3rd Sep
Big shout out to the legend that is Tyler Simpson for being the first person (other than me ) to donate and sponsor me for the go without challenge .Tyler thank you so much ! 
I appreciate every amount donated to help me reach my goal , means the world to know my friends and family support me in any endeavour. Big love 
#madzgoeswithout #GoWithoutChallenge
Follow in Tyler’s footsteps and please sponsor me today to help me smash this goal out of the park 

Joining the go without challenge

Tuesday 1st Sep
Hey everyone ! I’m taking part in the go with out challenge to help raise money for the Australian Red Cross foundation  Starting from the 21st to the 27th of September I will be going with out 5 essentials over the week , I welcome you to join me and/or please sponsor me to help me reach my goal Of $500 ,I’ve donated first getting me a step closer but this is a modest goal I would love to smash it out of the park any support is appreciated . This is just the first post of many in this challenge and I’m looking forward to it . Follow along to show your support 
#madzgoeswithout #gowithoutchallenge 
Wish me luck!

My Supporters


Elton Allen

Your the best Maddie




Andrew Luckie

Congratulations Madz, you did it 😃


Josh Luckie

Love you



This should cover the lights I turned on by accident and the meat pie I ate last night at 4am , nobody’s perfect but we should always try to be the best version of our selves , don’t take anything for granted .


Zach Lawrence


Deborah And Richard Inkster

Good luck Maddie double or nothing !!! Thank you for doing this challenge to remind us all to be thankful daily for what we have xx


Angel Thompson

You are an inspiration ❣️


Toni Middleton

Good on you !!!



Cheers to Maddy. You amaze me all the time with the generosity in your heart.


Paris Luckie

An great thing to do Maddie!


Joanna Lark Gooding




Get ‘er done


Casody Lawrence

Good luck


Tyler Simpson

On you ghee you've got this


Maddison Yean

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