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I’m  lucky enough to call disaster management my job and to be able to say that I’ve never been personally impacted by disaster...yet. One in three Australians will face a disaster or major emergency in their lives. 

I am taking part in the Go Without Challenge and will be going without five essentials that people don’t have access to in a disaster. I’m doing this to raise funds for Red Cross, whose staff and volunteers work tirelessly and selflessly to support people on their absolute worst days after being impacted by disasters (among many other amazing projects).

But mainly I’m doing it to raise awareness of the small steps we can all take to be better prepared. Queensland is the most disaster prone state in Australia, so the more we can do to keep ourselves, our family, friends and neighbours safe in emergencies and disasters, the stronger and more resilient our communities will be.

Thank you for your support!

My Updates

Non-perishable breakfast foods ready for the Emergency Kit!

Wednesday 16th Sep

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from Granma and Pop - best of luck with the challenge






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