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Go Without Challenge


We have been long term supporters of the Red Cross, being involved in the annual appeals as collectors, and being long term blood donors (Steven almost at 300 donations).

 We thought that we would support the Red Cross in this initiative, and would appreciate your support to help raise funds for this worthy cause.

One in three Australians will face a disaster or major emergency in their lives. So we are taking part in the Go Without Challenge and will be going without five essentials that people don’t have access to in a disaster.

Please sponsor us? We're fundraising for many people across Australia and the Asia-Pacific going through tough times – from those dealing with social isolation, to newly arrived refugee families seeking safety and communities recovering from a difficult last year. Thank you for your support!

My Updates

We made it!! $2000 raised!!!

Friday 2nd Oct
Thanks to the recent contributions from my squash buddies, we have managed to crack $2000, which is fantastic. Thank you all so much for supporting us and this event!
Donations can be made up until the end of October, so still time to jump on board if you want.

Almost there - $2000 in sight

Thursday 1st Oct
Since finishing the challenge the squash club community have rallied and made a few donations, putting us within striking distance of the $2000 milestone. Thank you so much to everyone that has supported us in this challenge, and more importantly the work that the Red Cross do during times of disaster.

We did it!

Monday 28th Sep
The challenge is over. we have food in our cupboards again, Paige enjoyed a coffee this morning, was a bit underwhelming apparently, and the lights are back on. The challenge was hard, but satisfying to complete, very happy to have completed it, and raised some funds for the Red Cross.
Thanks to everyone who supported us and donated, it was very much appreciated.

Day 7 - Final day of the challenge

Sunday 27th Sep
The hot water is back on the and we are thankful and smelly sweet!
Our money has just lasted, we will have about $5 left at the end of the day, 6 days of water only has been the hardest, 4 nights of darkness has been doom  and gloom, the pantry is now running low, and it's a long weekend here in WA, so it feels like an extra hardship.
I seriously do not know how families cope during an extended disaster situation, staying positive would be so difficult. Thanks to agencies like the Red Cross, people are supported through these times, and your last minute donations (if you are able) will help with this support.
Thanks everyone for your support this week.

Day - 6 - Cold Showers!

Saturday 26th Sep
No hot showers for the next 24 hours. Luckily for Paige, she was up early and got one in before the message arrived. For the res to us I suspect it will be no showers, or very quick ones. Apparently there are benefits to cold showers, will let you know if I experience these.
We have around $30 left, which is pretty good, and by the end of tomorrow will have eaten pretty much all that was left in the house.
Challenge has been harder that I expected, but a great experience. I turned off the Wifi last night so that my 17 year old felt the impact a bit more, not sure if anyone out there heard the screams around 9pm!

$2000 is our goal - $450 to go

Friday 25th Sep

Congratulations and thank you – the money we’ve raised will make a big difference to the lives of people doing it tough across Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

Here’s just some of the ways it could help:

  • $1,000 could help Red Cross volunteers support over 60 families after a disaster, either in-person or on the phone

  • $1,000 could help four families who have no other support at this time with groceries and medicine

Day 5 - No new supplies!

Friday 25th Sep
Oh no! The message this morning was that we can only eat out of our pantry/fridge for the rest of the week, so no new food! We missed the boat yesterday, so fresh fruit and veges are in short supply, and even worse .... chocolate will need to be rationed.
We will be scrounging around and eating whatever mystery meals we can find in the back of the freezer.

Day 4 - No lights now

Thursday 24th Sep
Well folks, we are in the dark for the rest of the week, no lights, so romantic dinners for the next 4 nights. Our house is a bit of a cave, so will be dark early!
We are down to $150 and running out of fresh veges, so will need to make a few purchases today. The water only challenge is the hardest, water is healthy, but just so boring!

No new challenges today

Wednesday 23rd Sep
Welcome message this morning, no new challenges today, but still on the water and limited funds. Down to $190 due to squash last night, but going ok. Water diet is challenging but my skins never looked better, as you can tell by this photo at 6.00am this morning!

Day 2 - water only from now on!

Tuesday 22nd Sep
Bugger, received a text at 6.30am this morning, way earlier than expected, but that's disasters for you, unpredictable. Only able to drink water now for the rest of the week, no 'special' drinks. At least with be healthier, and save a few brain cells.
Paige cranky already, as found out the news while walking this morning, so the anticipated coffee reward was taken away.
Still got our $200, have decided to forego a haircut until the disaster passes.

Goal reached!!

Monday 21st Sep
Wow, we've reached our fundraising goal thanks to the support of our family, colleagues and friends on day 1. I'm going to have to aim big now and see if we can reach $2000 by the end of the week.
Thanks everyone for your support, really appreciate it and a great cause.

The challenge is on!

Monday 21st Sep
The first challenge is in. ATM's are out of order, so we have the cash ($200) that we put into our box this week to live on for the week, or until the ATM's are back online.
We are ready, we can do this!

Four Days to go!

Wednesday 16th Sep
The week is flying by and the challenge is now only 4 days away. We've packed our box (check out the video on my Facebook page), and we are getting ourselves organised.

We are hoping to support the Red Cross by raising $1000, and we're about half way there, so would appreciate any further donations to the awesome service the Red Cross provide. You can of course choose to join the challenge instead, if you dare!

We'll keep you updated during the week on the challenges, and how we are going, wish us well.

Getting excited

Tuesday 25th Aug
We are starting to get exciting about the challenge, and hope that our friends and family get on board and join up or support us in this challenge.
With so many disasters and the pandemic making 2020 a tough year for a heap of people, it is great to be able to help out where we can, and hopefully support the Red Cross to continue to provide support as needed.
Join us, and Taxi to help look out for others in need!

My Supporters


Roy Thurston

Well done



Good challenge, though did sound like a typical day growing up in Zimbabwe!




Sai Fong



Well done; great iniative & effort!


Thomas Jacobs




Peter And Clare Slyth

What a fantastic fundraiser! Well done Jones Family!



Thank goodness this is nearly over!!! Well done Family and a great team effort


Darryl Carpenter

Well done guys, good luck reaching your target


Tim Hepworth


Loama & Alan Jones

Go Jones's finish the week strong! All the best from NZ.


David Harling


Danielle Howton

Good luck. You are all amazing. x


Josie Jones

Great cause for some of my 'giving' money!


Claire B

Way to go Jones Family..... If you really need a coffee Paige you can use this donation to take a "Rest Day"


Sue Walshe

Well done Steve and family.


Martin Richardson

Good luck!


Jane Lorrimar

So impressed with your family doing without!



Good luck Jones family and well done for going without for a very worthy cause.


Sean Daly

Hi Jones's, nice one. Hope the week goes quick.



Good on ya Mate! - I've a couple of hundred blood donations to catch up with you.


Isabell Georgiou

Steven and family, Well done for stepping up and sacrificing a few of life's luxuries that we so take for granted, to help raise funds for those in need. Well done to those who have had big hearts and deep pockets and have made the Jones' family not only reach, but surpass their target of $1000. Great effort by all. Good luck with the week's challenges ahead. Great cause, great family!!! Isabell


Bernd Dinnert

Go Jones family go!


Mum. Pam, Grandy Read

Cold showers and sitting in the dark sounds like terrific fun!!!!



Brave people! Looking forward to hearing how you manage the challenge. Best wishes.


Pam Fennell

Good luck guys and have fun!


Kristy Swain

Good luck to you and your family Steve!


Annie Chalkley

Good luck




Laura Mckay

What a great fundraiser! Good luck to you all


Carolyn Aylmore

Well done Steve, Paige, Molly & Josie!! We are very impressed at your commitment to this challenge and we admire your support of the Red Cross and the very important work that they do. All the best & good luck with getting through the challenges throughout next week!


Sylvia Miollasi

I hope you reach your goal. good luck.


Pauline Nevin


Tony Flash Shoe

Give up Hot Showers???? I am sure Taxi will like this one.... well done Team JONES



Great cause guys


Mandy Griffin

Good luck and enjoy the cold showers :-)


Ross Jones

doing great things team Jones


Tammy Hirjee

Great cause :) kraft cheese in the box is in the cupboard stock up 😂


Greg Nockolds


Radha De Mel

All the very best you Joneses!!! I'm sure you'll reach your goal, get really healthy, and make lots of really sick people really happy! Well done!



Good luck!! Make sure your pantry is stocked well:)


Rachel Bennett

Great initiative.....Very brave giving up hot showers.....I’m sure you will go well


Steven Jones

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