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Go Without Challenge


We have been long term supporters of the Red Cross, being involved in the annual appeals as collectors, and being long term blood donors (Steven almost at 300 donations).

 We thought that we would support the Red Cross in this initiative, and would appreciate your support to help raise funds for this worthy cause.

One in three Australians will face a disaster or major emergency in their lives. So we are taking part in the Go Without Challenge and will be going without five essentials that people don’t have access to in a disaster.

Please sponsor us? We're fundraising for many people across Australia and the Asia-Pacific going through tough times – from those dealing with social isolation, to newly arrived refugee families seeking safety and communities recovering from a difficult last year. Thank you for your support!

My Updates

Four Days to go!

Wednesday 16th Sep
The week is flying by and the challenge is now only 4 days away. We've packed our box (check out the video on my Facebook page), and we are getting ourselves organised.

We are hoping to support the Red Cross by raising $1000, and we're about half way there, so would appreciate any further donations to the awesome service the Red Cross provide. You can of course choose to join the challenge instead, if you dare!

We'll keep you updated during the week on the challenges, and how we are going, wish us well.

Getting excited

Tuesday 25th Aug
We are starting to get exciting about the challenge, and hope that our friends and family get on board and join up or support us in this challenge.
With so many disasters and the pandemic making 2020 a tough year for a heap of people, it is great to be able to help out where we can, and hopefully support the Red Cross to continue to provide support as needed.
Join us, and Taxi to help look out for others in need!

My Supporters



Brave people! Looking forward to hearing how you manage the challenge. Best wishes.


Pam Fennell

Good luck guys and have fun!


Kristy Swain

Good luck to you and your family Steve!


Annie Chalkley

Good luck




Laura Mckay

What a great fundraiser! Good luck to you all


Carolyn Aylmore

Well done Steve, Paige, Molly & Josie!! We are very impressed at your commitment to this challenge and we admire your support of the Red Cross and the very important work that they do. All the best & good luck with getting through the challenges throughout next week!


Sylvia Miollasi

I hope you reach your goal. good luck.


Pauline Nevin


Tony Flash Shoe

Give up Hot Showers???? I am sure Taxi will like this one.... well done Team JONES



Great cause guys


Mandy Griffin

Good luck and enjoy the cold showers :-)


Ross Jones

doing great things team Jones


Tammy Hirjee

Great cause :) kraft cheese in the box is in the cupboard stock up 😂


Greg Nockolds


Radha De Mel

All the very best you Joneses!!! I'm sure you'll reach your goal, get really healthy, and make lots of really sick people really happy! Well done!



Good luck!! Make sure your pantry is stocked well:)


Rachel Bennett

Great initiative.....Very brave giving up hot showers.....I’m sure you will go well


Steven Jones

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