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Why the Red Cross?

Anyone who knows me will know that my world revolves around learning about and trying to solve some of the wicked problems that face our world. 

Of particular interest in my master's degree are climate change and disaster management. With our climate changing rapidly, we will begin experiencing disasters that are more frequent, unpredictable and in unusual seasons. We were all witness to the devastating fire season that ravaged the country last year. 

So why the Red Cross?

The Red Cross has always been on the front line for Australians during disasters. But that's not all, their work spans across so many of the areas that I am deeply passionate about. 

The funds raised will help many people across Australia and the Asia-Pacific going through tough times – from those dealing with social isolation to newly arrived refugee families seeking safety and communities recovering from a difficult last year. 

Over the past two years, so many have donated to my efforts of fundraising for the Ration Challenge and Live Below the Line. 

2020 is a tough year financially for everyone, so I am doing things a bit differently. Stay tuned as I will soon be selling clothing and other household items to raise money for this essential cause. 

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