Empty Eskies

Go Without Challenge


One in three Australians will face a disaster or major emergency in their lives.
We're taking part in the Go Without Challenge and will be going without five essentials that people don’t have access to in a disaster.

Will you sponsor us? We're fundraising for many people across Australia and the Asia-Pacific going through tough times – from those dealing with social isolation, to newly arrived refugee families seeking safety and communities recovering from a difficult last year. Thank you for your support!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Kirkham-smith Consultants

I started the #gowithoutchallenge with $200 in my kitty for the week. I decided to exit the challenge for the weekend and to celebrate my birthday and also be able to enjoy my creature comforts - seven days without those while in Lockdown 2.0 was too much. Well done everyone!


Andy Smith

Paying $40 to exit the #gowithoutchallenge for the weekend.



Day 6: no new challenge



Great job considering others before yourself always helping others keep up your great work.


Shana - Studio S Hair By Shana.

You got this Tony! Thinking of others before yourself as always. Love you xx


Tony Macaroni

Challenge Day 3: Personal Contribution


Nicole Clifford

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