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If 2020 has taught us anything, is that anyone can be impacted by a disaster.. With the bushfires, the floods, and a pandemic all in one year, so many families have been impacted to some extent. Some have lost their homes, their loved ones, their jobs, and some have been left with absolutely nothing.

The stats only put things into perspective - one in three Australians will face a disaster or major emergency in their lives. Our family has been one of the lucky ones: we have our house, our health, and each other. We’re raising money by the three of us taking part in this challenge and going without five essentials that people don’t have access to in a disaster.

So please donate to us to help out the families who are struggling! We will also be matching 50% of the total donations received before the challenge starts in September 21!

The Abadillas xx

My Updates

Challenge Day 1 & 2

Tuesday 22nd Sep
Yesterday we grabbed out our $200 from our box and got ready for this week. Day 1 - not too bad! 

And then 8am kicked over and the text I had been dreading - nothing but water to drink.. all week! 😭 Thankfully I had my coffee very early, but the rest of the week will become a struggle.. anyways time for water, water, and more water...

This week, any donations receive during the challenge I will be matching each and every dollar! 

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Ely Abadilla


Asha Achuthan

Nice work Ely! Love, the family pic.


Abby + Pepe

Well done and good luck! <3


Harry Monie

Go Ely, Ben and Mason


Del Abadilla



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